Which cloud computing solution to choose? Public vs private cloud.

An excellent alternative to the classic server infrastructure is cloud computing. Cloud computing is a service consisting in the provision of computing power offered by external providers, which is made available on demand, and the adjustment of parameters is solely up to the customers. One of cloud computing’s additional advantages is the pay-as-you-go model. We pay… Continue reading

Hybrid Cloud. What do we gain by combining the capabilities of a public and private cloud?

Hybrid infrastructure means combining the capabilities of a private and public cloud in order to get the best possible features. Entities that are concerned about formal requirements have nothing to worry about and at the same time are able to benefit from the cloud’s scalability and flexibility.  A characteristic element of hybrid infrastructure is the… Continue reading

The basics of working with Amazon EC2

If you’ve heard of AWS, you’ve probably also heard of EC2. In the following article, you’ll find instructions on how to navigate it and how to unlock its capabilities. This is the first of several articles we plan to publish on this topic. To start with, I will present some important information that you should… Continue reading

PaaS – programming in a cloud

As you know, I have long been interested in cloud computing and the possibilities it offers. That is why today I would like to share with you details of one of the models of this service – PaaS, and give you my opinions about it. PaaS – the basics You can read about what a… Continue reading

What is cloud computing and what is it used for?

When it comes to modern technology, the word cloud is ubiquitous. Storing your data in the cloud has become trendy. But are cloud solutions something flimsy that will go away just as fast? This article covers what cloud is and how you can benefit from it. Although maybe you think that the concept of cloud… Continue reading

Meet Qlos

New brand enters the Polish market of technological services – Qlos. This is  brand that was created in response to the increasing demands of customers regarding cloud computing. Despite the first steps on the IT market, Qlos has it’s beginnings long behind it. We owe its birth to Kylos – a leading provider of hosting… Continue reading